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9090 Skillman St Ste 295A,
Dallas, TX 75243
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By: Sahereh Teflan
on February 7, 2018

My dentist referred me to Dr. Alex Fleury , because I had to have a retreat (root canal retreat) done on my #19. I was in a lot of pain so they took me in for the x-ray and Dr Fleury told me we can retreat this tooth that might be successful for %90 or might fail for %10. So I was confuse what to do, so I told him let me talk to my dentist based on your advice and decide either retreat or pull the tooth. So his assistant gave me appointment for a week later. During that week I had pain so I was taking Amoxicillin 500 three times a day. So the day before appointment I called to confirm the timing of my appointment and Marry Lou (secretary) told me I am sorry but doctor can not see you tomorrow and we can set you up with another doctor and I said but you gave me this appointment last week and she said sorry Dr Fleury is busy and I said whenever he has time is ok I can come and she said he doesn't have time for the whole month and I knew something is going on and she is not telling the truth. So here is my advice to people want to go see Dr. Fleury, I will not recommend this doctor because: - Dr. Fleury is a business man not a doctor because if you tell him let me think and talk to my dentist based on your advice he does not like it. He wants to do the job right away and make money. - Even though I was in a lot of pain for the whole week but he refuse to see me for the appointment he gave me and his secretary was making tons of excuse to convince me to go to another doctor. - So my question to Dr. Fleury is why you gave me appointment if you did not have time? So I will not recommend this doctor at all.

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