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By: liz TottBerger
on October 18, 2017

I called to make an appointment on 6 21 16 and explained I had a molar that was hurting and wanted to make an appointment with Dr. Schmotter as I knew he was Blue shield provider. I ended up with Dr. Armel- the other dentist in the office. I came in with my card and showed it to the receptionist at the front desk who was on the phone - she waived me through and then I showed it to the dental assistant who said that it was fine. After being the in the chair and ex rays taken , Dr. Armel explained that I needed a crown and could start the work immediately as this should not wait. I said I had Blue shield coverage and he asked for my card to give to the receptionist - I gave it to her again - as I am sitting with my mouth open and work already begun, she came back and said the Blue shield did not cover my work. I mumbled that I had checked and it covered 50%- After I had my temporary on I paid them for 1/2 the work- I went home and called Blue Shield and they said they covered 50%- I called them back and told them what was said. I later get a bill for the full amount saying I still owed $780 for the final crown. That Dr. Armel no longer took Blue Shield insurance coverage. I wrote him a letter saying this was fraud as I was told when I came in that day for the appointment I was covered. Then after the work was done I was not. No one said that Dr. Armel was not a Blue Shield Provider and only Dr. Schmotter was with whom I was to have had that appointment with. He then sent me a response saying that He would take full responsibility and cover the balance. I tried various times to make an appointment to come back in to get my crown put on and they canceled on me - It was September of 2016 I was on vacation and they called me saying they had to cancel my appointment again. I could come in on such n such a day. I am trying to get this crown put on and it is a year later that I now find out the Dr. Schmotter on 10/1/2016 canceled his Blue Shield coverage - Reason for why I am not able to get my crown on! I have a temporary still on my molar. Terrible service, Terrible ethics!

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