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305 W 12th Ave Rm 3059C,
Columbus, OH 43210
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DI Rating 9.6


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By: Kerry Goodwin
on November 7, 2017

Dr. Stentz is amazing! He was very careful and gentle with a tooth in quite a lot of pain. He explained what he was going to do, and the reasons behind the pain. I'm glad to say that I don't have any more pain and that is all thanks to Dr. Stentz! The whole staff was welcoming and friendly. This is a wonderful office!

DI Rating 6.2


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By: Jason Chandler
on September 16, 2015

Absolutely the worst experience of my life. To begin, you must travel through endless construction to get there, all while dodging the students who walk directly in front of your car, daring you to hit them. You can only drive in intervals of about 20 ft.because A) there is a crosswalk every 20 feet and B) Some students just cross in front of cars without them. Secondly, the parking is so ridiculous. Be thankful if you get to pay $11.00 for the honor of parking in the 12th Avenue Parking Garage - if not, you'll have to drive a couple blocks away and walk back to the college. Oh, and beware of the beggars that roam the garages. They're peppered across all the floors, begging for money, cigarettes, etc. Lastly, expect your dental appointment to be at least 4 hours long. No, that's not a typo. Seriously, you'll be there for at least 4 hours. Wear comfortable shoes! Nothing is centralized, so expect to be paraded across the building for any number of reasons. X Rays, Scheduling, Payments...none of these areas are even remotely close to one another. My student dentist, "Calvin", was absolutely awesome, but the trials and tribulations you experience just trying to get to or out of the clinic makes the trip cringe worthy. It's a complete bottleneck of cars, buses, pedestrians all packed into a construction heavy paradox. If you feel that you have an entire day to dedicate and want to pay the ridiculous price to park, I wish you luck. I won't be returning!

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