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By: Bob Ference
on September 1, 2017

Dr. Cheng is a fraud and a thief. He told me he was going to pull 3 teeth and fill one to prepare me for a partial. Well when the partial came in it was made wrong and he only pulled 2 teeth and left the 3rd to accommodate the partial. The tooth he filled started falling apart the first week i was able to wear the denture which took about a month for all the little pieces of tooth left behind in my gums. So after I paid him $785 he won't fix the tooth he chose to fill and wants another $500 for a crown, that now that I've invested close to $800, is what I must have. The office staff is friendly but the assistant does take smoke breaks and doesn't wash her hands. He takes advantage of poor people who can't afford thousands upon thousands for dental work. He comes right out and says he will bill insurance $1,000 to collect 30% but you only have to pay him $ 500 cash. Nasty old building and equipment that doesn't work. He wears his pants pulled up chest high and leans all over me very hard, which I felt uncomfortable but I have limited resources. I guess if you have limited resources he may be better than nothing in an emergency, but if you can, find somewhere else, because it's only a matter of time until he takes your money and then tells you to get an attorney like he did to me over a filling! Extremely unprofessional, ignorant, abusive, and borderline incompetent ! Don't know how he stays open!

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