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By: stephanie baker
on April 4, 2018

Did not like this dentist at all. One of the women at the front desk had a very rude tone when she told me i had to have them set as my primary dentist or my insurance wouldn't pay. My apt was at 11. I got here around 1030. I didn't get pulled back til 1130 the gentleman who took my xrays was sweet and kind and patient but I waited another 20 or so minutes back here before the xrays even began. When the dentist finally came back to see me, we were discussing my options and she even said flat out she didnt have time to do my extraction so she was sending me to an oral surgeon. She spent maybe a whole of 10 minutes with me and only looked at my teeth through the xrays. Now, I've been sitting here for another 20 minutes waiting on them to go over my treatment plan. I spent almpst 2 hours at this denist and spent maybe 20 minutes of it actually being seen or treated. She has now finally come in to do my treatment plan. When the dentist was in here I said i wanted to try to apply for care credit. I could have been doing that while i waited. I only came to this dentist because they were the only one who accepted my insurance and had an appoinmtnet before May. I live in Reno. This was not worth the drive. I do not want to come back at all. They clearly have overbooked their staff which thus means they cant spend as much on patient care as they should. Edit 4/4/18 Im changing this to 1 star but if i could rate 0 I would. I just had my crown on an unrelated tooth fall off while I was eating. I called to figure out if someone can fix it. First off no one will fix another dentists work so that sucks. But, when i called, they sat there and said "on the xrays, it wasn't even loose". I call bull***t!!! If it wasn't loose it wouldn't just pop off!!!! Hell, if she had even done a proper exam, she may have caught it!!!! Stupid, useless, incompetent practice!!!! If your insurance is accepted else where, do not go here!!!!!

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