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By: Justina C.
on May 24, 2018

MY BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEW:I'm new to the area and in dire need of a dentist. I went to another dental office before visiting Dr. Kim, and to my surprise they proclaimed that I had 8 cavities! This was not what I expected, as I was experiencing virtually no pain in my mouth. I also have a few fillings already, and their treatment plan did not sit well with me. I wanted a second opinion. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kim, and their office requested a copy of the X-rays that were taken at the other dental office. The front desk was very helpful in this matter, I was able to e-mail the X-rays beforehand. Dr. Kim compared my teeth to the X-rays and made an observation. The teeth in the X-rays were not my teeth at all, but that of another patient! I was shocked; how could the previous dental office make such an error?!Luckily for me, Dr. Kim and staff were patient enough to wait for me to call the other guys to send over the correct X-rays. While we were waiting for the X-rays to come in, he took some pictures of my teeth to try and get a better look. He went over the pictures with me, and from what he could tell there was not a lot of significant damage to my teeth. In order to fully diagnose the issue and to truly see if I had all those cavities, he needed to see the X-rays. The X-rays were finally sent over, and to my dismay they weren't very clear. Dr. Kim offered to re do the X-rays at his office free of charge so he could better diagnose my case. For that I cannot thank Dr. Kim enough for his kindness. We take the X-rays and Dr. Kim examines them carefully. He went over different areas with me and highlighted the areas that had cavities. He found a total of two cavities, which came as a pleasant surprise to me considering what the original dentist told me! You can't go wrong with choosing this dental office. Dr. Kim has years of experience and knowledge, and he also cares for his patients. Thank you so much Dr. Kim and staff, I look forward to my next visit!

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