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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Patrick J Sciortino DDS Pc

I moved from Brooklyn, but I was extremely happy with Dr. Scortino. After my regular dentist retired, I had to find a new one and tried one whose office was filthy and he couldn't make a game plan after 3 visits. Then I fount Dr Scortino and he knew exactly what to do and how to execute it. He made me a 5 tooth permanent bridge (my upper teeth were getting crooked) and the bridge fit perfectly the first try, looked and felt great. They lasted 24 years and would've lasted even longer if I didn't start eating taffy which loosened them since they felt so real I didn't think to say don't eat taffy with a bridge. When they fell out, I couldn't go back to him bc I don't live there anymore and am now on my 6th visit with a different dentist just to get a good fit! So I do highly recommend Dr. Scortino..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Alexander Kirzhner, DDS

Never in my life have I've been treated so badly by any Dentist or Dr's office as I have when I visited Dr. Kirzher's (Serenity Dental) office. First, their waiting area is extremely small (my bathroom is larger) there was no ventilation, most patients in waiting area were not wearing masks when there are signs stating masks required, so it was extremely stuffy and difficult to breathe. The office manager Myrna or Myra who was having a difficult time with a patient by the reception desk obviously took her frustrations out on me, because by the time I stepped up to the reception desk, you can tell she was annoyed. I politely stated my name and appointment time and was told to have a seat. I politely explained that since their small waiting room had many people seated, and there was no ventilation, I asked if she could open the door or put on the air for circulation and I was rudely told "NO" to both requests, I kept my composure which was not easy and stated okay, then I'll wait outside and asked how long my wait was. She rudely said "I don't know maybe 45 minutes to an hour". I said excuse me, and asked why such a long wait. Her response was "Let me print up your x-rays, you need to go somewhere else". THE AUDACITY of this extremely RUDE, insensitive person to state such a thing, after I was just approved for dental work, and some dental work was started. I became so infuriated and told her "It would've been nice if I was given a courtesy call letting me know they're running an hour behind and given the option to wait or reschedule, or AT LEAST apologized to for any delays when I arrived. All I received was ATTITUDE from a very rude office manager. On the other hand, I guess they did me a favor, because I found that their rooms should have been much cleaner. I was in one room and after seeing dried blood and who knows what stuck to the pull-out table they put their tool on for the Doctor to use, I asked if they could clean it because it literally made me nauseous. I was then moved to another room. Waited approx 45 minutes in the chair to get X-rays which was unacceptable, so they certainly don't give a damn about how long they keep you waiting there. As for Dr. Kirzhner... he was a nice Dentist, who filled a cavity and I appreciated the pain-free experience, but he shouldn't allow his staff to speak to anyone as she spoke to me, and he should oversee the waiting time as well as the cleanliness of their rooms. As for the office manager Myra or Myrna... you should find another line of work, opposed to dealing with the public and/or patients because your attitude is horrible and unacceptable! .

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Renna Nakhamis, DDS

This dentist took money from my insurance company for NOTHING! She just glued the wrongly done bridge by her /3 times it fell down, by the way/ - she is a bad professional, who cares only about the money - no compassion, not much humanity at all...( This dentist is very unprofessional and a crook. She performed unnecessary root canal and performed it too badly, with infection in it afterward...Beware of Dr, Nahamis!!! On March 7, 2022 Constantine V.K..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Hanson Place Dental

one of the worst businesses in NY to deal with. It is disgustingly frustrating that the only way to contact them is thru email, they are still using covid as an excuse meanwhile the waiting room is way overpacked,. Scheduling is a nightmare, ive waited an hour and 15 min after my appt time to finally be seen. showed up for my 2nd appt to have the work done and had a different dentist from my last visit, who decided going thru with the procedure wasnt the best idea after the first dentist i met with there said he felt confident in going thru with it, so that was a waste of my time and money. You can literally beg them to put in for ALL work thru insurance and they disregard that part of the email (since u cant call them) and will only reply with "we put in for the procedure only" even after my insurance co. told me that they should put in for ALL work, including the "out of pocket" expenses. It is a shame that with 95% negative reviews on all review sites, that they havent gotten their act together. Sure, the girl u meet w/ for the xray is sweet, but that makes no difference since its the point of contact that is horrid. Sadly after all the stress of emailing back and forth to schedule appts, then showing up to appointments where i was only sent home, and begging in emails for them to please submit for all as per the insurance co., it is time to move on and find another endodontist. Also, one of the dentists i met with on one appt offended me so bad, like my feelings were so hurt and i felt so small and embarrassed. i asked about a tooth in the back and why it was oddly shaped and he replied with "well if u can walk around like that (and then pointed to my slightly crooked front tooth), then i wouldnt worry about a tooth u cant see" WHAT?! my mother was right! i should of walked out at that point! wow P.S. i gave 1 star b/c theres no option to put ZERO stars..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Patricia Varano, DDS

amazing personality,smart,talented ,honest..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Livingston Dental Care

The place was clean, this was a new dental office and close to home for me, I've been there about 4 times, the first appt was on time, the others I had to wait over an hour. This has never happened to me at any office, this was the last straw. I told them I am NEVER coming back here, this is very unprofessional and to email me my chart..

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