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By: Todd Randa
on March 2, 2015

I typically don't provide a poor review for a case where I'm mildly unhappy with the service, but the work I received from Mr. Wade was so sub standard I feel obligated to explain my experience since it has effected both my dental health and the money I had to spend after Mr. Wade completed the work on my teeth. I came into Mr. Wade's office and was evaluated. I was told I had some deep fillings in several teeth and that I should get two crowns since at some point they will need it. I already had a crown put in about 8 years prior to this by another dentist and was very happy with the results so I had something to compare the work to. To cut to the chase, on top of the 2400 more I must pay now to get the work redone, here is the result of his work: -One crown he put in was extremely small which caused the tooth below it to force food into my gum. I told Mr. Wade about this after I received treatment and he said that's just going to happen sometimes and to just carry a small floss box and floss whenever I eat. I was not happy with this answer. I believe he didn't get a tooth custom made to fit my other teeth, the tooth he placed in was small, and I believe resulted in the problem. Before treatment I did not have this problem. -All crowns were seated poorly. While getting my first crown done by another dentist 8 years prior I asked a lot of questions. The dentist was very accommodating and explained everything. He said it's important when seating a crown that it be flush with the underlying base. If not it will be a place where food will collect and cause problems with gum disease if unchecked. Both of the crowns Mr. Wade put in did not seat flush with the other teeth and also part of the seem was right on the gum line. I've had nothing but problems with these teeth and have a very difficult time keeping my mouth clean because of these small crevices that collect food.. I cannot get a brush in to clean them.. -The gap between the teeth on one of the crowns had a hook that would cut the floss when pulling it out. In conclusion, because of Mr. Wade, my gums have deeper pockets that are difficult to clean because of the poorly seated crowns. I have one tooth that pushes food into the gums and has caused a pocket there as well. None are deep enough to be considered periodontal, but in time they would be if I don't get them replaced. Today, I'm going to get them replaced, and have the work redone. I told my new dentist about all the problems and he said he can fix each problem and mentioned corrections that will resolve each. This is something a skilled dentist would do every time. The dentist you choose can have long term consequences on your oral health. I would not recommend this dentist. In fact the co-worker who did recommend him to me told me he has food that packs into his gum line after I told him my complaints and he said he was told the same thing. Just bring floss wherever you go and floss your teeth after each meal.. What an inconvenience. One other thing I should mention. I'm typically a researcher. I always do extensive research so I know what to expect when visiting doctors and dentists.. I also ask a lot of questions so I can tell if the individual is good at what they do. When I asked Mr. Wade questions during the procedures, he seemed offended that I would ask him anything which I didn't like. If he didn't already perform the first part of the treatment I would have probably moved on and found another dentist. Also, at that point I didn't know he would do such poor work and thought I would finish the work and then just move on to another dentist. Lastly, when Mr. Wade used a sandpaper floss to open up the space between the teeth so floss could be used, he cut my lip with the sandy ribbon floss. I was literally bleeding down my cheek and he didn't see it. His assistant had to interrupt so she could put a tissue on it to wipe up the blood on my face.

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