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Chipped Tooth Dental Disorders Toothache Cavity Gingivitis Grinding of Teeth Gum Disease TMJ Tooth Decay Thumb Sucking Broken Tooth Loose Teeth Teething Tooth Damage


Dental Crown Teeth Whitening Root Canal Dental Implant Cosmetic Procedure Amalgam Dental Fillings Teeth Extraction Dental Cleaning Dental Examination Fluoride Treatment Pediatric Dental Exam Dental X-Ray



Dr Richard Charlap Dentists

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Patient Reviews

By: Ali Omar Saleh
on March 24, 2018

Removed my 2 lower wisdom teeth and called it quits. Didnt feel the pain for the first four hours due to the novacane. I guess the novacane gives him an excuse to force the teeth out. He perscribed me oxycodene which was a shocker to the pharmacist for something like wisdom teeth. Medication did nothing for the pain and caused me to hallucinate and have hot flashes. Couldnt open my mouth for a week and full recovery took about a month. Never had a fear of dentists until after this experience and now my upper wisdom teeth are irritating me and the trauma is coming back. Not to mention he charged me a co pay and still hasnt refunded me even though it was fully covered by the insurance. DO NOT GO HERE. I miss Dr. Pantera but sadly he retired.

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