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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Nathan Walls, DDS

Dr. Walls is an excellent dentist. Staff is first class also.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Dawn Myers, DDS

Do not recommend this place to anyone!!! We took our son there for a cleaning and she started naming everything under the sun that was wrong with his teeth so we went ahead and sced an appointment to get caps put on his teeth. Well she stuck him in the gums to numb him but didn't do anything before sticking him so that hurt him and he started crying and screaming. She waited maybe 3 minutes and started drilling him he cried and screamed the whole time then he started sayin ow ow ow then blood squirted up everywhere in his mouth she stopped for a second then started back on him. He fought with them trying to keep his mouth closed I didn't blame him then the nurse threw her tool down and walked out. After it was all done my son kept saying mommy she hurt me mommy she hurt me. Every time we go by that place or near it he starts crying thinking were going inside. I was told not to go to her for reasons like this but I gave her a chance anyway. Bad choice. Do not go to this woman!!!!.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Dawn Myers, DDS

I took my daughter to this office they at first was really nice it was just a checkup. I had to change dentist so I chose this one bad choice. My daughter went in for her second visit she had to get a filling done. Well the dentist she went to before used gas for young children it calms them down alot and my daughter did great there. This dentist does not use the gas so they stuck her to numb the area as if she was an adult. They was real nice about it so I just kept thinking it would be okay. Well after sticking her they waited a few min then started drilling she cried alittle bit kinda scared me but the dr did it pretty fast. Well my daughter afterwards did not want to go back that ruined it for her. A week later i took her in again to get another filling she cried and cried she did not want to go but I made her because the tooth was giving her so much trouble. So again they stuck her to numb her same dr as before but this time she didnt wait to start drilling she started right after she stuck her my poor baby girl screamed and hollered and she still wouldnt stopped at one point she was gagging then she let her have a break i knew then i had to let her finish I couldnt bring her home with a drilled tooth. She started agin and my girl screamed again and I said stop they stopped I said she is hurting the dr said no no its the noise. Finally she stuck herto num b her more and dr said well we r going to have to pull it so after all that she pulled it. After sticking her again my daughter did not scream anymore so that goes to show me it wasnt just the noise. After all of it was over they asked if i was Ok they was nice about it but the fact was they hurt my daughter and wasnt listening to her. I could not imagine the pain of somebody drilling on a tooth and still feeling it. When we got home my daughter told me exactley what she felt and i know it was painful for her, she will not be going back there. It has been hours since we got back and i am still shaken i cannot get my poor baby screaming out of my head. I know this is a long note but anyone please watch who very carefully on who u choose for a dentist. I cant even imagine how many children are hurt there and people just think they r scared but sometimes they are scared but in pain. When sticking a person with numb medicine they r suppose to wait minutes before doing anything!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!.

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