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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Kristin Williams, DDS

I would steer clear of this place. Horrible treatment. The lady Andrea at the front desk is exceptionally rude. Absolutely no personality or empathy. She dropped the ball on my first scheduled surgery so it had to be pushed back a whole month. Told me she would call me once they had preauthorization from my insurance for the procedure. I call 2 weeks before my appointment and she never even sent the preauth over!! No communication skills and that was some how my fault. I had to get oral surgery with 5 teeth being pulled, 3 of them impacted. Day of my surgery I waited 3 hours to get called back. After the surgery they gave me 0 pain meds for my ride home back to Akron. So by the time I got back to Akron and another hour for my scripts to be filled, the numbness wore off and I felt nothing but raw pain. Had me buckled over in tears until I could get the meds in my system. They gave me 16 Norco for pain. That’s 4 days for the procedure I had done. Are you kidding me? Today is day 3, I am still swollen and bruised from my neck all the way up to my eye. It’s pretty bad and I’m still in a lot of pain. I called and left 3 messages on the number they give you to call if you have any concerns after surgery. No call back. The first message was left almost 24 hours ago now. I called the front desk and spoke to Andrea, once again rude as hell. She asked me what was wrong and I told her, her response was that if I needed more pain meds, I would have to make another trip up there to be re-evaluated. What sense does that make? They know exactly what I had done. It’s Friday afternoon, if someone would have promptly called me back yesterday, maybe I could have made arrangements. Now we are approaching the weekend and I’ll either have to fight through the pain or spend hours in the ER hoping they can help me. Trust me, spend the extra money and go somewhere where they actually care about their patients. If you don’t believe me, read the rest of the reviews..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Kristin Williams, DDS

if you are having a lot of work done, do yourself a favor. Sell -EVERYTHING YOU OWN because you are going to be making DOZENS of trips back and forth. Gas, Parking, Missed time from work, in the end will cost you the same amount of money if you had gone to a REAL dentist in the first place, but with probably only 3-4 trips instead of the MONTHS AND MONTHS of driving up there. Would you’re employer tolerate it ? I think not. Can your car even handle the abuse?.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Kristin Williams, DDS

Let me begin by saying first, if you are planning to be treated here, stay away from resident named Dr. Hussam. I would not give any star at all if I could. I and my friend, both of us had a horrible experience here. let me begin explaining the torturous experience in the name of dental care that we had to go through. Dr. Hussam (the resident) who did the dental exam for me, poked me so badly with the probe that my gums were bleeding and two of them were inflamed after the pocket test he did with the horrible probe. He then did the x-rays, this was even more painful than the deep pocket test. I was crying with pain, because of the x-ray probe poking into my soft palate, tongue and the gums, but to my surprise the resident dentist rudely blamed it on me saying I am too sensitive and carried on the process. He took at least a 15 images, which I believe are totally unnecessary. I could not eat anything solid for a week due to the injuries he caused me while taking the x-ray. I had no clue how its done, and he kept saying its normal, when I had the dental exam done at the other dentist I realized how horrible of a dentist the resident was. He was very inexperienced but acted as an expert..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

western reserve dermatology

I was very displeased with the service. The office staff failed to verify my insurance when my appointment was scheduled and upon my arrival I was told my coverage is not accepted. They kindly offered to let me self pay..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Family Dental Ctr

Brush your teeth and floss before you come in here- I don't want to work in your filthy mouth.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

trudy amstadt d d s inc

Does this provider adhere to the customer is always right policy?Absolutely not!! They never listen to customers complaints and argue with themDid they follow up with you after your appointment?Yes.Were the waiting room chairs comfortable at this provider's office?YesIs this business handicap-accessible?Absolutely, even the bathrooms are handicap-accessible.

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