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By: Chanel Jordan
on March 5, 2017

I went to Dr. Balish's office while in high school as a junior so about 10 years ago, so it was much to my surprise when I found a $3200 charge on my credit report from his office just this past week!!!! How could I be charged when my bills were to be paid for by my mother and her credit card 10 years ago not to mention my implant came out within a year and still to this day is not permanent as an implant should be. My mother paid $5000 to this dentist office so I'm confused how there is a $3200 charge on my credit report. Feeling very taken advantage of and disgusted that two people would do this to a child. Even now I'm only 25 and don't know how I will deal with this insane theft I do not recommend dealing with this dentist office in anyway do not give them any sort of personal information or credit card information. The secretary is his wife and she's just as guilty as the dentist considering she's behind many of the extra charges and harassment.

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