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By: Hank Park
on September 29, 2015

I had an abscess near the upper first molar. I visited Dr. Emily Craft to see what was causing it and get treatment. A small pocket of puss was visible on the gum. She took an X-Ray of the area. It revealed the infected area (bone) right by the front root of the molar. It was dark and abnormal. She didn't seem to pay much attention to the showing on the X-Ray and stuck in a small thin piece of probing material into the infected area searching for the source. She concluded to her surprise that the source of the infection was the one in front, not the one where puss was flowing out. She recommended me that I get root canal re-treatment on the bicuspid and referred me to an endodontist. I got a root canal re-treatment from the endodontist. He initially hesitated to point the problem to the bicuspid but by taking into consideration her diagnosis he wanted to go ahead and re-treat the tooth. He said the abscess would heal if the tooth was in deed the source of the infection. Within 2 weeks of the treatment puss started coming out again. It was clear by then the endodontist had to find the source of the infection elsewhere. I wasted time and money on a wrong treatment. To make a long story short I had gone through two surgeries after that to finally get rid of the infection. The source of the infection was a crack on the front root of the molar. All the clues were right there on the X-Ray all along. General dentists are the ones who set the treatment course and their diagnoses are very important. I would have avoided the mishaps from the endodontist (read my review on Dr. Amin to see the full story.)if I hadn't had the wrong diagnosis in the first place.

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