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DI Rating 6.2


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Matthew Stonebraker
on March 26, 2012

My girlfriend and I have had nothing but nightmares dealing with Ann Arbor Family Dentistry. It started with a routine check-up for her that discovered several cavities. No big deal. We went back to have them filled, but the next day she was experiencing pain with eating from the new fillings. I understand that happens sometimes, so we didn't fault them for it. Instead, we called and the receptionist scheduled an appointment for the very next day to take care of it, as it was causing her physical pain. When we arrived for the follow-up appointment, we waited for 20 minutes before we were informed (by a different receptionist) that we were not down in the appointment book for today. It turned out the dentist wasn't even THERE that day, so not only did the receptionist we spoke to tell us to come in during a time when no one could see us, she didn't even schedule the appointment. When we explained the situation, the current receptionist did not seem to care and didn't even ask if we wanted to schedule a new future appointment. We asked if we could get a new appointment for the following day, and watched her write it down. My girlfriend was still experiencing pretty bad pain from eating, so the waiting was pretty bad. Thankfully, we WERE able to be seen the next day. While in the waiting room, I witnessed an exchange between the receptionist and another patient, in which the patient had read online that this office accepted her insurance. When she got there, though, the receptionist was not sure if they did or not and had to consult the dentist, who said "No, we don't take that, the website is wrong." To further worsen things, though, the receptionist continued to talk about this matter rather loudly in the waiting room, rather than invite the patient into a more private setting to discuss payment options. It was embarrassing for both the patient and for me. My girlfriend reported that during the appointment, she could hear the dentist and his assistant fighting, during which the assistant called out "DON'T TOUCH ME!" and "I'M AN ADULT!". The dentist responded to this with "What kind of adult spends an hour in the bathroom [at work]?!" and encouraged her to go home for the day, to which she shouted "I AM HERE TO HELP PEOPLE!" Now, honestly, this exchange is completely hilarious to both my girlfriend and I, but that kind of behavior is completely unprofessional. The final nail in the coffin was that even after coming back to have the fillings fixed, she STILL experiences some pain from one. By then, however, we had enough. We have found a new dentist and we are warning everyone we can about this place.

DI Rating 6.5


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

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