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on May 24, 2022

TOOK FOUR YEARS TO PARTIALLY FINISH MY IMPLANTS. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A 6 MONTH LONG PROCEDURE. THE IMPLANTS CAME OUT AND NEEDED TO BE FIXED ALL THE TIME OR ADJUSTED AND I WAS CHARGED FOR HIS MISTAKES HE ALSO WAS CHARGED FOR WRITING FALSE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR VICODIN. LOST CAUSE ADRIAN - An Adrian dentist was arraigned in Lenawee County District Court yesterday on 50 counts of violating prescription drug laws. Dr. Pierre Tedders, 33, had been charged on Friday with using a fictitious license to obtain prescription drugs. Adrian police allege that Dr. Tedders wrote prescriptions for patients and family members who had no need for the drugs. The license in question belongs to Dr. Mark Mastellato, a former colleague of Dr. Tedders, authorities said. Dr. Tedders was supposed to produce the medical records to prove prescribing the drugs was warranted. When he failed to do so, Judge James Sheridan of Lenawee County District Court issued a warrant on Monday for the search and ordered the Front Street office closed. Adrian police said they spent eight hours at Dr. Tedders' office but found no records supporting any of the prescriptions involved in the case. Update. It has taken four years to do a 6 month job. A toxic environment for patients and employees, he talks down to them. Employees quit after a month or so, and he even adopted a new dentist and she left within a month because he talked to her in a manner that wasn't professional. He wouldn't allow me to have my itemized history of his charges. I had to ask for it after he got new employees at the desk and they didn't know they were'nt supposed to give them to me. He overcharged me, he charged me for appointments that I NEVER were at. He was always running in and out of rooms but never taking time to do or accomplish ONE JOB. I'm sure that is why it took FOUR years to do a 6 month job on implants. They are still not done but Dr.Tedders and I got into an altercation regarding these charges and the bogus amounts of office visits which I was never at. He told me to get out when I told him these appt.s were never attended since one of them was on a date I was having abdominal surgery at UofM. He was so mean and rude when I called him on it and he just screamed at me to GET OUT!

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